Transform your business in 2018 with business-to-government opportunities

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While the jury is out on whether new year resolutions actually work, there’s no denying that a new year brings new opportunities to change the way we do things.

One of the most sustainable ways entrepreneurs and professionals can make a difference to their business is by competing for government tenders.

Why? Because tenders are a growth hack!

A scalable way to increase revenue

It’s clear that we love tenders.

So do our clients when we demystify how to win public contracts for them. Once they compete for tenders, they find themselves earning a slice of the largest revenue pie on the planet. And with a model they can implement repeatedly to scale this new business-to-government (B2G) sales pipeline in their business

Tactically, there are many ways to increase your chances of winning a tender:

We’ll continue to share information in 2018 that SMEs can implement with ease and little (or no cost) to compete for and win tenders.

Data science helps you win

Government tenders have a poor reputation. This is mostly undeserved.

We’d never argue that engaging with tenders is easy. However, the process is a lot more simple than you might think it is.

There’s a logical process that tenders follow and this stays the same no matter what the government is looking to purchase.

SMEs are also able to harness the power that data science offers through the TenderScout tool.

This means that you’re now able to make informed decisions about which tenders to compete for. A considerable financial and human resources cost saving.

Our product demo video shows you how you can qualify the different tender leads you think might be suitable for your business.

Better still, our tool provides you with competitive insights that allow you to tailor your proposal for the best chance of success.

Any business finds it expensive to stay on top of government procurement activity. Until now, it has been mainly Fortune 500 corporate firms that have had the resources to dedicate teams to this task.

Data science levels the playing field by making it affordable for any business to gain competitive insights.

With this ability, you’re no longer competing blind for a tender. Now you’re an SME with a smart strategy to win public contracts.

In 2017, we helped SMEs win €200 million in government tenders. This year, we’re determined to exceed that figure as we help SMEs in Ireland, the UK, the Nordics and the USA win tenders.

A final statistic to share with you is that our customers increase their win rates from an average of 26% to in excess of 50% when they use our tool and implement our processes.

What are you waiting for? There’s a $3.1 trillion global tender pipeline to compete for!


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