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We’re delighted that you’re looking for more information on how your business can successfully compete for tenders (also known as “RFPs” in some areas), and we share insights in this document to help demystify the public procurement process.

TenderScout customers increase their win rate by 70% on average, when they use our platform and implement our processes. In 2017, we’re on track to help SMEs win more than €200 million in government contracts. Winning these contracts contributes to our customers’ sustainability, and helps them protect jobs and grow employment. That’s good news all round! However, globally just 10% of SMEs compete for tenders. This sobering figure means that the vast majority of small to medium sized businesses, the engine room of any country’s economy, are not competing for the largest sales pipeline on the planet.

Changing The Way You Do Business has been created to help you understand the size of the tender opportunity and encourage you to start competing for public procurement contracts. The tender process is simpler than it’s assumed to be. It’s also hugely scalable and can be repeated numerous times. But I’m getting ahead of myself… Enjoy the read, and we look forward to working with you as your tender partner if you decide to explore this dynamic opportunity for your business. We hope you do!

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