We Were Walking In The Dark Before Signing Up With TenderScout

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Recruitment company e-Frontiers has gone from strength to strength over its 12-year lifespan – and thanks to its successful new relationship with TenderScout, its future looks even brighter.

Founded in 2006 by Brendan Carroll, Vincent Blake and Paddy Doyle – all three with strong backgrounds in consultancy, software development and data – e-Frontiers has grown thanks to a combination of its deep IT knowledge, excellent recruitment processes and dedicated teams. Its client base is built around strong relationships and an expert understanding of client roles and candidate profiles.

Today, e-Frontiers is very much an international affair, with consultancy operations in Dublin, Madrid, London, New York and Bucharest. Its international operations have also assisted in building a strong network of candidates that are interested in opportunities across the various countries e-Frontiers operates in.

In 2014, the company branched-out from its core practice of IT recruitment and established a new offering, e-Frontiers Business. This division of the company provides resources across a number of key areas such as Marketing, Sales, Customer Support/Success, Accounting & Finance, HR (for both English & multilingual speakers).

e-Frontiers Education was launched in 2017. This focuses on connecting the highest quality teachers to international schools seeking to be leaders in education.

Tendering can be frustrating

As an international recruitment company with a speciality in IT, e-Frontiers looked ideally placed to win government contracts to fill a wide range of positions all over the globe. Government tenders potentially offer a particularly lucrative avenue for e-Frontiers, as technology typically accounts for some 25%, by value, of all government tendering activities.

Before joining forces with TenderScout, e-Frontiers had tried to make inroads into the world of tendering with some success but not enough for the effort and time that was being put in. This effort and time ultimately costs money.

“We had tendered quite a bit before we signed up with the TenderScout platform, but you might say that we were walking in the dark a little bit with how to make our tendering process more efficient and successful,” explains Alexandra Pop, Client Success Manager with e-Frontiers. “We worked on tenders as they arose and planned the work on them but it always seemed to end up being last minute.”

“Walking in the dark” neatly sums up the tendering experience for many companies, for whom even the prospect of trawling open public and private tender lists, in the hope of finding suitable and realistic tenders, can be off-putting. Tender application processes can be complicated and time-consuming, and many inexperienced businesses are left literally guessing about how to best structure and present their bids. This has led to very low success rates among even regular tenderers – TenderScout’s own research has shown that the win rate for regular tenderers is only 20%-26%, and for occasional tenderers the win rate falls to a paltry 10%.

On top of this, the costs of making a submission are not insignificant, leaving businesses to ask themselves – given the low success rate – if tendering is even worth it?

This is where TenderScout – the most advanced tender discovery, qualification and bid platform in the world – can make such a huge difference. It combines tendering expertise with technology to make the process easier and increase the success rate. To date, it has collected over 3.2 million tenders globally – and significantly the win rate for TenderScout customers is a much healthier 50%-70%.

Don’t get lost and ask for a helping hand

For e-Frontiers, the impact has been dramatic and immediate since signing-up.

“We’ve noticed a massive increase in our success rate and have already won over ten tenders,” says Alexandra. “We will keep tendering with TenderScout’s support behind us, for sure.”

Grace Fuller, Head of Customer Success with TenderScout, attributes the success of the partnership to the strong and open working relationship with e-Frontiers. “e-Frontiers have worked collaboratively and enthusiastically with the TenderScout team from the start. Their focused efforts and engagement with the software ensure the best outcomes on the tenders they bid on. We are informed early on of what is in their pipeline so we can provide the best support through competitive analysis, workshops to upgrade their content and reviews and feedback on documents before submission.”

One of the ways TenderScout reaches out to tenderers and prospective tenderers is through TenderCon – a series of conferences aimed at demystifying the art of bidding for and winning public contracts.

“We heard about the platform through one of the TenderCon events, which was really insightful and informative,” says Alexandra. “Although the entire platform piqued our interest, we were particularly interested in the supporting services that TenderScout provides throughout the tendering process so that was the major selling point for us.”

In fact, e-Frontiers has been so impressed with the range and quality of services provided by TenderScout, it has turned evangelist– advising its own customers to get on board with the platform.

“We always recommend TenderScout to our own clients now who may have an interest in tendering,” says Alexandra. “The all-round service that they provide is really incredible and their team is a pleasure to work with. They support us from the beginning to the very end every time. They’re incredibly approachable and always eager to jump in and help whenever we call.”

“We think that one key element of TenderScout’s service is their experience of working on so many tenders and indeed being on the clients side of the table evaluating tenders for them. This gives us a unique insight into how the process work in the private sector and public sector, we would say that Tony and his team truly add value any time we meet or talk to them. More than happy to recommend.” – Paddy Doyle, Director.

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