How Systango Mastered Bidding With TenderScout

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It is clear that the economic and business world is being transformed by tenders.

Tony Corrigan knows this better than most. His start-up TenderScout specifically targets the lucrative market of public procurement contracts.

Across Europe, these tendering contracts offer approximately €2 trillion annually. Internationally, tenders make up 18% of the global GDP. Given that tenders are increasingly becoming a considerable income for businesses of all sizes, a working knowledge of searching, applying for and submitting applications is vital for success.

Because of this, companies are not just looking nationally for tenders – they are searching all over the world. An example of one such company is Systango, a web development software studio with its headquarters in the UK which has offices in Australia, South Africa, India and the United States.

Specialising in niche technologies to provide custom web, mobile app, games and e-commerce development services, Systango have recently gained success in their bid for tender with Ulster University in Northern Ireland. However, Systango acknowledge that they could not have achieved their tendering success without the guidance and support of TenderScout, as affirmed by Surbhi Khandelwal – a marketing and development strategist for Systango – working with experts in the field reaps rewards.

80% success rate for tender applications

“It would have been really difficult to win tenders without TenderScout”, says Surbhi, commenting on their application strategy. Indeed, despite the fact that they are a company relatively new to the art of tendering, Systango currently hold a 80% success rate and they believe that this is largely down to the assistance provided by the bidding experts at TenderScout.

This positive feedback echoes the key objectives of TenderScout, of which Corrigan has said: “TenderScout, uses technology to help SMEs compete and win tenders regularly by matching businesses with the tender opportunities they are best placed to win. SMEs that work with TenderScout can increase their win rates, on average, to around 70%”.

For those companies new to the world of public procurement, partnering with experts who know exactly how to locate relevant tenders is crucial to maximising application success.

So, in a practical way, once potential tenders have been selected, what exactly does TenderScout do to assist companies bid for and successfully gain tenders?

For Systango, success was most certainly a collaborative effort.

Initially, when working alone, Surbhi reported that the tender application team “wasted two days and did not come up with anything good.” Further, she added: “we needed a lot of feedback but after that we realised what we needed to do”.

How did TenderScout assist Systango in order to make sense of this confusion and add clarity – so much so that they won the contract in question?

Using email, cross- team collaborative Skype calls, and TenderScout’s award winning technology platform, they were able to interact with Systango and recommend changes to their bid in terms of content, tone, and phrasing. Harnessing technology as a means to collaborate ensured that the best application could be made – and relevant, precise feedback can be provided.

Getting the combination right: a tried and tested process

Corrigan has always prefaced his analysis of the application process with the statement that, “there is a tried and tested process to win tenders.” With a CEO who innately understands the process, TenderScout’s experts work with this ethos in mind – seeking to create a bid that will crack the tendering code.

For novices such as Systango, where applicants, “had no clue [and] couldn’t relate to the questions and what was expected,” TenderScout took the lead and developed a comprehensive, concise bid formed in part because of their reading of the call for bids as well as close communication with the applicant. Clear project plans were set out by the TenderScout team, who provided assistance on how to document workflows. The team also guided Systango on how to demonstrate real value in their case studies, ensuring the evidence was compelling as well as relevant.

Surbhi admitted her initial bids were “vague” and didn’t get to the crux of the issue. But after working with TenderScout, they produced an application in which the answers were “much shorter and more concise.”

The results of the consultation were “impactful and meaningful” as the suggestions TenderScout made worked.

The collaboration and communication between TenderScout and Systango left Surbhi and her colleagues feeling empowered and more confident in their own abilities to apply for tenders. TenderScout showed that it is possible to be dynamic, attentive and to win tenders.

Grace Fuller, Head of Customer Success with TenderScout, commented: “We were delighted to work with Systango on their recent tendering efforts. What made the partnership work really well is that the team understood that there is no magic wand when it comes to winning tenders; you must invest in the process and dedicate time and effort to it. Surbhi and her team were really responsive and took our advice on board. All this work has paid dividends and we’re really looking forward to continuing working alongside the team”

Through expert support and specialist software, TenderScout can help businesses of all sizes gain success and win tenders, giving them the best chance to gain financial injections and prestige on a national and international stage.

Applying to tender, increasing revenues

Given the success of their tender bidding to date, working with TenderScout is now an integral part of Systango’s tendering bid strategy. Looking to the future, Surbhi says: “TenderScout shortlist tenders for us and then we think about whether they will suit us or not.”

Once Systango select a tender they would like to bid for, the sky is the limit.

“I’m hoping half our team will be occupied with tenders, we will probably have to increase our desk team. I am applying for two tenders a month, hopefully we’ll be able to have more tenders and more revenue through them”.

From choosing the right tenders to ensuring you have made the best bid, this dynamic company has the ability to deliver expertise that businesses generally do not have.

“Every day we get notifications of more tenders available, I’m sure we’ll continue applying”, says Surbhi, illustrating how Systango have grown in competency and confidence, making them a force to be reckoned with in the public procurement sector. Systango are empowered not only to apply for tenders where their offices are located but also cross border. They know and understand their capabilities can translate into contracts around the globe galvanised by their win in Northern Ireland.

TenderScout and Systango worked in partnership to create a winning tender. If you would like to learn how to create a winning tender, we’d love to talk to you.

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