Marino Software


Winning software tenders in global markets.

The TenderScout effect;

  • 400% increase in opportunities
  • Streamlined qualification & proposal development
  • 70% improvement in win-rate.
TimeFrame: July 2014 to date
Range of Products:
Full Service Package
Key Contact: Keith Davey, CEO,  


Marino designs and develops engaging apps and cloud based platforms for education, children, entertainment and enterprise. Clients include Bell Canada, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, The New York Hall of Science and Ireland’s national broadcaster RTÉ.

Challenges & Opportunities

Marino specialise in mobile app development for iOS and Android. This is something of a niche area, where competition is fierce and global. At the same time, buyers often struggle to appreciate the technical nuances of mobile platforms or to articulate value propositions for investment at an appropriate level .

Competitors include software development firms, digital advertising and marketing firms and specialist app developers, each offering differentiation based on their sectoral offering (e.g. mobile advertising). Some offer responsive websites or cross-platform solutions rather than the native app development that Marino specialise in.

To capitalise on the increased investments by government buyers in multi-channel communications strategies, Marino must increase their ability to demonstrate differentiation and increased value to often skeptical buyers. They must also choose buyers that recognise and value the increased value that they offer. Given the niche area within which Marino operate, winning clients and generating referencability are key to the future success of the company.

Our Approach

We performed a Bid Health Check, to validate Marino’s capability to deliver the types of solutions that goverments, B2B and B2C clients require at a cost that they can afford. This included segmenting competitors by type, service offering, value proposition and differentiation. As the nature of mobile app development is such that it can be delivered largely remotely, we considered the potential for winning business in the US, UK and mainland Europe and what market, region-specific or competitor insights reveal about how Marino approach their analysis of RFPs and proposal development.


Saas Setup Using the outputs from the competitive analysis (e.g. ideal contract value, service delivery locations, buyer characteristics and the keywords and category codes) that best describe their service, we created a set of search alerts, which delivered new opportunities to the Marino Sales Development team daily.
Opportunity Identification & Qualification Of the 50 opportunities found by TenderScout, Marino qualified 10% for further analysis using TenderScout tender/award archive to identify insights.
Bid / No-Bid Having pre-qualified the best opportunities, a Bid/No-Bid was undertaken, whereby the rationale (and costs) associated with competing were used to assess the likelihood of success. TenderScout consultants provided insights and interpretation at this stage.
Proposal Development Proposals were developed for the opportunities that were deemed viable and TenderScout support the development of a bid strategy and win-themes. TenderScout provided competitive insights, value-add and differentiation strategies and sectoral/region-specific insights, critical to success internationally.
Submission & Debrief The results of competitions were categorised and used to inform future opportunities.


Marino are now recognised as a leading provider of high quality differentiated solutions in Europe and North America. They qualify opportunities and only compete when they exceed 70% likelihood of success, according to TenderScout’s a qualification algorithms. Marino are winning over 65% of RFPs they compete for and continue to improve that win-rate.