Heneghan PR


How a PR firm wins tenders and gets listed on supplier frameworks.

    The TenderScout effect;

  • 200% increase in opportunities
  • Streamlined qualification & proposal development
  • 200% improvement in win-rate.


TimeFrame: Sept 2016 to date
Range of Products: www.tenderscout.com, Full Service Package
Key Contact: Nigel Heneghan, Managing Director – Nigel@hpr.ie  


Our Approach

TenderScout performed a Bid Health Check and determined that Heneghan PR had the internal capacity and capability to deliver on government contracts. Decisions to compete for tenders were largely based on ‘instinct’, while proposals were more marketing than sales oriented.  We implemented a process of formal Bid/No-bid qualification to ensure that tenders were only written for the opportunities that represented the best chance of success. It was also important to have an understanding of the buyer’s need and the competitive landscape.


Established in 1990, Heneghan PR is a leading strategic corporate communications company, which represents some of the leading names in Irish and international business. The agency’s core offerings are corporate public relations, financial public relations, public affairs and crisis communications. The company has earned a reputation for the quality of its work; for its expertise and for the integrity with which it conducts all aspects of its business.

Challenges & Opportunities

Public Relations (PR) has evolved significantly with the advent of social media. It is no longer sufficient to have access to traditional media channels and subject matter expertise. Increasingly PR firms are required to be knowledgeable in traditional and social media means of information dissemination, while also having the capacity to react rapidly to social media interactions.

Heneghan PR has a very strong and experienced PR team. The company has evolved its digital communications and is continually using these platforms to engage with client’s target audiences.

Although several of the principles have public sector backgrounds, there was very little expertise in qualifying opportunities and building compelling proposals.

The public sector market offers many opportunities to the PR industry. To meet these, Heneghan PR needed to identify a number of areas to increase their ability to translate their delivery capabilities into winning proposals.



Saas Setup Using the outputs from the competitive analysis (e.g. ideal contract value, service delivery locations, buyer characteristics and the keywords and category codes) that best describe their service, we created a set of search alerts, which delivered new opportunities to the Business Development team daily.
Opportunity Identification & Qualification Opportunities identified, were qualified further to determine whether they fit within Heneghan PR’s capabilities and client portfolio. This included a consideration of the contract value.
Bid / No-Bid Having pre-qualified the best opportunities, a Bid/No-Bid was undertaken, whereby the rationale (and costs) associated with competing were used to assess the likelihood of success.  TenderScout consultants provided insights and interpretation at this stage.
Proposal Development Proposals were developed for the opportunities that were deemed viable and TenderScout supported the development of a bid strategy and win-themes. TenderScout provided competitive insights, value-add and differentiation strategies and sectoral/region-specific insights, critical to success internationally.
Submission & Debrief The results of competitions were categorised and used to inform future opportunities.



Heneghan PR has dramatically improved their win rate with public sector tenders. The company was successfully listed on the Office of Government Procurement’s Multi Supplier Framework Agreements for the Provision of Public Relations/Communications for all Public Sector Bodies, beating out many larger competitors in the process. This was recognition for the value that they continue to bring to public sector clients.