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Enterprise Ireland (EI) is the government organisation responsible for the development and growth of Irish enterprises in world markets. EI works in partnership with Irish enterprises to help them start, grow, innovate and win export sales in global markets.



Time Frame Jan 2014 to date
Range of Products:  www. tenderscout.com, Full Service Package
Contact Point: market.research@enterprise-ireland.com

Challenges & Opportunities

Enterprise Ireland clients include small and medium sized enterprises (SME), start-ups and established companies who are challenged to find new international markets for their goods and services.

Enterprise Ireland aim to offer its client companies every chance to succeed – that means providing them with tools and expertise to engage with and sell into international markets.

Public contracting, where governments issues requests for goods and services is a $13 Trillion sector. It is standardised and governed by rules that assure transparency and equal access to opportunities.

Businesses who invest in building public contracting grow their revenue stream and achieve enhanced opportunities to expand their business.

Approach, Implementation & Outcomes

TenderScout has extensively researched the factors impacting SMEs ability to compete successfully in public contracting competitions.  Enterprise Ireland has invested in a subscription to TenderScout online database and Enterprise Ireland clients use TenderScout to establish sales pipelines, perform competitive analysis and build market entry strategies enabling them to effectively compete in international markets.

Services provided to Enterprise Ireland & Clients

TenderSout SaaS Platform
Opportunity Discovery & Qualification EI clients search our database of 3.2m public opportunities updated daily from 120+ sources around the world. Our BidSense machine learning technology identifies the best opportunities for each client and enables data-driven decisions about which to compete for.
Market Identification & Sales Pipeline EI clients develop lists of prospects for the goods/services from our database of over 250,000 buyers around the worlkd. Lists are segmented by geography, buying category, CPV, BAICS & UNSPC (or keywords), buyer name etc.
Collaboration & Partners EI Clients choose form 500,000 international partners with a proven track record in winning contracts to help them compete for international contracts that they would not have the in-country presence, track-record or resources to compete for on their own.
Proposal Development Support EI clients request opportunity analysis, response strategy, win themes, proposal content development, reviews etc., from within the platform. Support is curated by TenderScout and delivered through our network of international Bid Consultants.
Market Research, Training & Templates
Market Research EI or EI clients request bespoke market research, to include Market identification, Sizing and Segmentation, Supplier Diversity by Region/Market Segment/Buyer Type, Level of Competition for a Market Segment, Emerging Markets, ,Competitor Analysis, etc.
ONE TenderScout delivers customised workshops supporting client cohort needs; topics include Market Sizing Strategies, Competitive Intelligence, Finding & Qualifying Opportunities, Building Partner Relationships, Market Entry Strategies, Proposal Development, etc.

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