2018: Year in Review and Look Ahead

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The last 12 months in TenderScout have been marked with many milestones: a growing international customer base, a fresh funding round from experienced investors, expanding our Dublin office and the launch of a brand new technology platform roll-out including the world’s first dedicated Bid Marketplace.

Our expert team and technology have been transforming the fortunes and futures of many of our clients. We are really excited about our plans for 2019 so watch this space over the coming weeks to find out how we are revolutionising the world of bidding for business.

Last year, more and more of you read our blogs to help navigate through the procurement minefield. We’ve shared our Top 3 blogs from 2018, capturing some useful tips, how we work with clients, and a little bit about us!

“We were walking in the dark before signing up with TenderScout”

Recruitment company e-Frontiers has gone from strength to strength over its 12-year life span – and thanks to its successful new relationship with TenderScout, the future looks even brighter.

Before joining forces with TenderScout, e-Frontiers had some success in the world of tendering, but were not gaining the desired return on investment.

“We’ve noticed a massive increase in our success rate and have already won over ten tenders” says Alexandra Pop, Client Success Manager with e-Frontiers. “We will keep tendering with TenderScout’s support behind us, for sure”.

You can read the full case study of the e-Frontiers success story here.

Lessons from Leaving Certificate English That are Still Relevant Today

In the tendering process, questions are phrased in a deliberate way, so you must ensure you answer is relevant.

When seeking to win a tender, you must not only be impressive in your own right, you must also beat the competition. That is why it is crucial that you tick every box and answer the questions directly.

There is one pertinent point that some of us will have first learned from our Leaving Certificate English teacher that remains just as relevant today when submitting a tender – make sure to answer the question you are asked, not the question you wish you were asked.

TenderScout Announces 15 New Irish Jobs and Secures €1m in Funding

2018 brought TenderScout’s exciting announcement of 15 new Irish-based jobs following a €1m funding investment.

The announcement received significant media coverage in the days and weeks that followed and ensured that TenderScout will be in a strong position to continue an upward trajectory in 2019 and beyond.

You can see some of the highlights of the media coverage here.

With TenderScout, you not only get expert advice from those in the know, you get matched with the procurement offers that best suit your business.

You also gain access to an unparalleled knowledge centre and machine learning tools that will simplify the tendering process and truly ‘Change the Way You Win’.

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