11 Super Hot Tech Tenders That Are Currently Open Around The World

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Are you a technology company that tenders for government contracts? Are you interested in building your brand and developing your business overseas?

The tech industry is full of great procurement opportunities but not all opportunities will suit your business. It’s important to take into account a range of factors before you start working on your bid. Factors such as the investment in time and cost you need to commit to the tender preparation, have you someone to manage the project, do you have a competitive edge to win the contract and what happens if you do win? Can you afford to deliver it?

That said, now is as good a time as any to start looking for your next tech tender – and with so many exciting possibilities out there, there is no excuse to be on the sidelines while the competition snatches up all the new business.

Here are 11 of the top tech tenders that are available right now.


Buyer: Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions


Description: The Office of the DPP are looking for software engineering services “to conduct a high level code review of a critical bespoke case management system.”

This project will only take 15 working days so is certainly suitable for companies who are looking for other tenders down the road as there isn’t a huge time commitment for the successful bidder.

They are looking for someone to “appraise the code to determine how suitable it is to maintain into the future and how easy it would be to adapt it, where necessary, to the changing business needs of the ODPP.”

If you are proficient in C ++, this may be the one for you. If you have delivered previous contracts of this specification of a similar size and level then you have a real shot here.

The source code will be awarded to the winning tenderer in strict confidence so proving your trustworthiness will put you above the rest.

Deadline: August 2, 2018

Budget: N/A


Buyer: DAA PLC


Description: While not fully committing to putting out a tender, the DAA (Dublin Airport Authority) are providing you the chance to wow them and show them what you’ve got.

Investigating options for a mobile app development partner the DAA are non-committal in their language but a top application will leave them with no other choice but to get you on board.

It may take your best work to convince the DAA to take a shot with you, but if your business knows how to provide what they’re looking for, this is surely too exciting an opportunity to dismiss.

Deadline: August 2, 2018

Budget: N/A


Buyer: Enterprise Ireland


Description: Enterprise Ireland wants somebody to provide them with an enterprise Client Relationship Management (CRM) platform and Marketing Automation System (MAS) – are you the person to do this? Why not?

Data analysis is a crucial part of the proposed CRM and if this is an area where you are confident of doing a good job, then you are ahead of the game already.

The successful bidder will work with Enterprise Ireland through an initial implementation project and then supplying on-going support thereafter making this another great opportunity and one of the hottest tech tenders in the country at the moment.

Deadline: August 15, 2018

Budget: €750,000 to €1,500,000 (ex. VAT)


Buyer: Dublin City Council


Description: Dublin City Council are looking for tender applicants for a “Homelessness Case Management System incorporating an Emergency Accommodation Booking System.”

The successful bidder will take on a three year deal with the option of extending this to a period of up to five years.

This role involves transferring data from the old PASS system to a new one, as well as taking into account GDPR regulations with people’s personal information.

Between the subject matter, helping with homelessness, and the period of time involved with the tender, this is one that should be carefully considered.

It is sure to be competitive, so ensure you have all the research done and have a high-quality application well within the August 17 deadline.

Deadline: August 17, 2018

Budget: €500,000


United Kingdom

Buyer: Oldham Council


Description: With a September 20 deadline, there is a bit more time to plan this tender from Oldham Council to provide an “audit management software solution with implementation services for the Internal Audit and Counter Fraud Team”.

The successful bid will have to train the Council in the system and provide on-going support.

The Council specifically mention that the questionnaire should show that their ambitions are met in the most efficient and effective way so research on them and detail in the bid will be key.

With time to get your eggs in a row with a late September deadline, and a chance to break into the UK market, this one deserves a thorough investigation to see if its right for you.

Deadline: September 20, 2018

Budget: N/A


Buyer: Cheshire West and Chester


Description: Valued at a quarter of a million pounds, Cheshire and West Chester (CaWC) are looking for an Integrated Performance Management System (IPMS).

The Northwich-based council are looking for efficiency here as, like so many councils around Britain and Ireland, they are looking to up the productivity while lowering the costs.

On the description, they explain: “IPMS brings together separate web-based applications to take advantage of single sign on and joint background databases such as postcode lookup tables, tutor lookup tables and venue tables.”

This is one of the hottest tech tenders in the UK at the moment – and could be your ticket into some GB business.

Deadline: August 13, 2018

Budget: £250,000 (sterling)


Buyer: Financial Conduct Authority


Description: Britain’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) are looking for the framework to developments for their website fca.org.uk.

On the description, they outline with more specificity that they are looking for “a range of digital services, including UX (user experience), accessibility, video, design and user testing for the Editorial and Digital team.”

Obviously, this will be extremely competitive so a detailed plan and being able to get your vision across clearly are imperative to get this tender.

Unlike the two tenders above, this is a national, not a local agency you are applying to so success could be a massive leap forward for your business. It goes without saying, but such a big win will require a lot of work and you’ll need to get an immediate start to build a great application in by the end of the first week of September.

Deadline: September 6, 2018

Budget: N/A


Buyer: University of Exeter


Description: The first university on the list, the University of Exeter are on the lookout for someone (why not you?) for a contract for provision of an IT service management solution.

The project will aim to revamp the university’s IT capabilities significantly and will be done in phases with a budget of over £3 million.

Universities are also looking at what their competitors are doing so completing this task at a high standard will enhance your reputation and could open so many doors for further business down the line.

But before you get ahead of yourself, get your team together to see if this bid is right for your tech company.

Deadline: August 13, 2018

Budget: £3,045,000


Mainland Europe

Buyer: Stortinget (Norway)


Description: The Norwegian Parliament has a need for assistance for consulting, management and development of the Norwegian Parliament’s IT portfolio.

The description outlines five key areas where they need assistance:

— team management flexible methods (scrum master, agile coach, etc.)

— IT architecture

— user experience

— applications management and new development (frontend, backend and fullstack)

— integration and API design, development and management.

Largely based on Microsoft products, this system could be the key to your entry into the European market.

Deadline: N/A

Budget: N/A


Buyer: Centre national de la propriété forestière (France)


Description: France’s National Center for Forest Property are looking for third party maintenance of CNPF applications and websites.

This offers you the ideal opportunity to get your tech business rocking in mainland Europe.

Coming from the outside, you have to be on point with your application – the plan must be clear and concise – and going above and beyond to prove your work ethic.

With a late-August deadline, there isn’t much time for twiddling your thumbs, you must get down to work.

Deadline: August 24, 2018

Budget: N/A


United States

Buyer: Western Wyoming Community College District (USA)


Description: The Western Wyoming Community College District is looking for professional services for website digital design.

This offers you the perfect opportunity to break into the US market but, as with the other tenders on the list, it will be competitive.

You will need to prove you are capable by highlighting previous successes but at the same time, you should not be daunted.

Consult colleagues who have bid (hopefully successfully) for US tenders for advice and if you decide to go for it, remember that it is an American learning institute so the slight spelling differences should be adhered to – (color not colour etc.)

Deadline: August 6, 2018

Budget: N/A


As with all tenders and procurement opportunities, there is no point rushing into a tender just because it looks good. You and your team need to take the time to qualify the opportunity and decide if it’s the right one for you, or if you could end up wasting time and money on a bid you could never win in the first place.


Our award-winning technology can help guide you through the Bid / No – Bid process. Our team of experts can advise you on how to implement a process that can improve your tender win rate. To find out more about our technology and our service, get in touch today.

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