Top 5 tips to help you win more government contracts

Earlier this week, TenderScout Founder and CEO Tony Corrigan, spoke to the team in the Silicon Republic about all things government tenders, machine learning and how SMEs can help avoid common mistakes when it comes to tendering for government business. A successful tendering strategy contains the same core elements regardless of industry, country or budget. So, if you are the CEO of a digital marketing agency, a business development manager in a software management company, or the Sales Director of a PR firm; when it comes to opening up your sales pipeline and winning more tenders, the 5 Top Tips are the same:

1. Commit the time and the resources to the process. It’s not going to happen overnight and it’s not likely to happen on your first outing as a tenderer. Be patient and ensure that you are prepared to invest the time and resources to doing business with government.

2. Address your weaknesses. Each time you tender, you get feedback. Time has been taken to mark you on where you are strong and where you are not so strong. This is a really valuable opportunity to ensure that next time round, you recognise your potential weaknesses and improve them.

3. Meet the buyers. We see this time and time again. And we hear it time and time again from the buyers in government departments. Make sure you find out who the key contacts are from relevant procurement departments and talk to them. Do your work before the tender is issued. Buyers are keen to hear how SMEs can offer innovative solutions to their needs.

4. Use available tools. Tools are available to streamline the process and allow SMEs to focus on the key responses to the tender. This will ultimately save businesses time in the long run. Creating a bid template library to maintain their documentation is a great place to start – time-consuming to begin with but once it is in place, can save up to 50% of the time for the next tender.

5. Get Help. You probably know someone who has won a tender. Ask them to share with you. Recognise that you don’t know enough and ensure you are asking the right people – those with expertise and success in government tenders and contracts. TenderScout runs free training workshops and practical events throughout the year and can talk to you about implementing a business – to – government strategy.

You can read the full interview with the Silicon Republic and if you are ready to start working on the Top Tips, get in touch with the team today to see who we can transform the way you win.

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