Machine Learning, AI and the New Age Sales Pipeline

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How can advanced algorithms help your sales rep achieve better close rates and in turn generate more revenue? This was the hot topic at the recent AA-ISP Digital Sales World Conference in Dublin, where myself and members of the TenderScout Team were exposed to the latest in Machine Learning Technologies that assist the new age sales rep in meeting and exceeding their targets.

The key focus was on time. Time spent speaking with the right prospects, minimising time spent on redundant activities, timelines of customer lifecycle stages and fundamentally ensuring that our time is spent optimally. So how does the TenderScout Platform implement these lessons into the public sector tendering game?

BidSense Technology and the Importance of Time

TenderScout’s platform understands the importance of time through data. Data on trends, patterns and movements on both buyer and supplier side – who worked with who, for how long and on what terms.

This key insight into the competitive landscape acts as a fine comb, sifting through the masses of information and directing our clients attention to where it’s best applied.

The result is a transformation of a previous traditionally oriented sector, whereby our clients log-on, are presented with the contracts that are pre-qualified at data level and have the control of which to take forward.

By understanding and decoding the patterns and trends over the past decade, the Platform allows for immediate access and cross reference of over 15K opportunities with the ability to filter down and identify which are worth pushing forward into the pipeline.

Step by Step Qualification

The TenderScout Platform tracks, analyses and records every click, learning which tenders are best aligned and which are unsuitable, further teaching the system as to what are the right tenders.

Our step by step progression allows our clients to move through the stages and ensure that every click is contributing to a sustainable channel for new business generation.

When we have locked down the contracts which are best aligned and have passed through our 2 step-qualification system, we then move on to the competition stage where we introduce our Customer Success Team.

By phone, mail or in person, our clients access a range of support systems to write, review and guide the best practice approach to tender responses.

In 2017 we helped our clients win over €200 million in new business from the public sector pipeline. In 2018 we aim to exceed that figure by bringing new business into the global tendering market, scaling up the operations of our existing clients, and overall injecting the global procurement market with an influx of new talent and possibilities.

Find out more about how the TenderScout Platform can integrate into your sales pipeline. Visit our website or get in touch with our team.

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