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Product Features

Your award winning
tender success solution

TenderScout is the most advanced tender discovery, qualification and bid platform in the world. To date, we have collected over 3.2 million tenders and over 2.5 million related award winners and contact details that together provide the basis of your algorithmic unfair advantage.

Underpinned by our passionate Customer Success Team, our solution is proven to deliver the winning results your organisations needs.

Find & shortlist opportunities

TenderScout encompasses data from 120 data sources and is growing. Over 3,000 new tenders are collated and added every day. That’s a whole lot of opportunity from the EU, USA, Canada, World Bank, UN…

Never miss an opportunity

Receive daily emails that alert you to new public sector tenders matching your preferred opportunity locations, values (or suitability for smaller businesses) and for the particular goods or services you provide.

Learn what contracts to bid for

Machine learning algorithms correlate the outcomes from previous competitions for each business mapped against the particular characteristics of the current opportunity. Over time our algorithms learn the makeup of a ‘qualified opportunity’ best matched to your skills, experience and expertise.

Using BidSense, TenderScour customers are immediately and forever focussed on the opportunities that offer the best chance of success.

Validate your opportunities

Your personal bid/no-bid decision-making data is matched with the result of competitions. Over time, TenderScout learns what your ‘winning’ bid/no-bid profile looks like, based on your previous submissions and will predict the likelihood of success for an your organisation.

How? Against each opportunity served to you is our ‘bid/no-bid’ system. A series of quick questions that help you qualify whether you should bid or not. For example, if you score low on ‘relationship’ with a buyer who has historically demonstrated this factor as a bias in their selection criteria, we’ll apply a lower % chance of success.

Construct a winning proposal

Because TenderScout looks at award criteria and scores it against winning submission scores for previous, similar tenders, we know what the range of winning scores for a particular criterion and for a particular type of tender is likely to be.

Our system incorporates geography, buyer characteristics and inter-related award criteria to precisely determine the type of answer required. This information is then used to select an appropriate answer from a tender library or to request that this content is provided through the Bid Consultant marketplace.

Dedicated Customer Success

Subscribers to our Business Pro and Enterprise plans benefit from access to our dedicated Customer Success Team, experts at uncovering, qualifying and competing for tenders. With a combined 4,000 submissions under our collective belt, there’s little that we’ve not seen and plenty of guidance we can offer to help you realise new business success.

Bid Consultancy Marketplace

Identifying opportunities alone is not sufficient when you might lack the time or the skills required to compete for public contracts. That’s why we’ve put together the TenderScout Bid Consultancy Marketplace (BCM), providing you easy access to 45,000 specialist consultants across the globe. Depending on your subscription level, TenderScout connects subscribers with the most suited consultant available.

Tender Collaboration

Especially powerful for small/medium enterprises who may be lacking in portfolio in a sector they wish to penetrate, TenderScout platform works to suggest and put you in contact with organisations that complement your skill set and who will give you a higher likelihood of success when competing together for opportunities.

Underpinned by the criterion match algorithms based on buyer & bidder persona data and success history, TenderScout Collaboration Marketplace will maintain a list of tender winners, who may opt to be potential collaborators on other competitions.

BBC Beta will be available to all Business Pro & Enterprise Clients in early 2018.

(Machine) Learn from your scores

Accelerate your success by learning from the outcomes of your previous submissions. Subscribers to our Business Pro and Enterprise plans unleash the power of our machine learning algorithms to give them an increasingly accurate predictor of success. With each bid/no-bid you undertake and with each submission you make, you take a step closer to realising your potential to win.

Change the way you win today.