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Tender success
in all sectors.

Since our inception in 2010, we’ve been the choice of ambitious organisations who recognise how a better method of discovering, qualifying and bidding for public and private procurement tenders is a game changer – enabling business success, growth and job creation.


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What our customers say.

Customers who have experienced significant business growth and sustainability like to send love notes. Here are just a handful.

We use TenderScout for every stage of the tender process. No dout it’s given us a competitive advantage.

JP McDowell, Partner at JP McDowell

TenderScout saves us time and money by automatically serving up qualified leads that focus our efforts where we have the best chance of success.

Vaunnie McDermott, Growth Manager at Strategem iLabs

We use TenderScout to scan and build European-wide sales pipelines. This has enables us to diminish the threat from competitors and increase tender success.

Seamus McAuley, Business Development Executive at Technopath

TenderScout has changed the way we think about opportunities and now that we better understand our competitive landscape, we are creating advantages that are winning us business.

Julie Ryan, Head of Tailored Solutions and Client Development at the Irish Management Institute

TenderScout exceeded my expectations from the very first contact with a unique and proactive approach. The market insights provided have enabled us to make accurate bid/no-bid decisions which have helped increase our win rate.

Verity Buchanan, Account Director at MeetingZone

Change the way you win today.

TenderScout strengthens the way you find, qualify and compete for the contracts you’re most likely to win. Schedule a call with our expert Customer Success Team today.