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TenderScout uses data science to enrich public sector leads with competitive intelligence and insights that increase your ability to win contracts.

Stop struggling to make sense of poor quality leads...

and start closing deals that are just right for you.

TenderScout Model
Awards: Eircom Spiders Award ESB Spark of Genius Finalist Award Small Firms Association Award National Procurement Award Irish Law Awards 2016- Finalist Service Provider

Live Public Opportunties

Title Published Date Deadline Date
Wave & Tidal small scale leasing
flag united kingdom The Crown Estate
17-08-2029 28-09-2029
Home Office Courses for APHA
flag united kingdom 17 Nobel House Defra Network Etendering Portal
17-02-2021 31-03-2021
Gas installation, servicing & repairs works
flag united kingdom Anchor Trust
08-08-2016 19-09-2016
flag northern ireland Northern Ireland Health Estates
20-06-2016 01-08-2016
Year In Industry Student, Biodiversity Programme, Defra
flag united kingdom Defra
19-06-2016 31-07-2016
Generic Drugs - Additional Items 11
flag united kingdom Procurement Services, NHS Wales Shared Services Partnership, 4th Floor, Companies House, Crown Way Etenderwales
02-05-2016 13-06-2016
WA FS ERFO 151-2101, FDR 2922 Repair
flag united states 610 East Fifth Street Vancouver, Washington 98661-3801 Department Of Transportation
30-04-2016 11-06-2016
PL-Warsaw: Clothing, footwear, luggage articles & accessories
flag poland ul. Żwirki i Wigury 1 Przedsiębiorstwo Państwowe „Porty Lotnicze”
29-04-2016 13-05-2016
CZ-Prague: Refrigerating equipment
flag czech republic Nerudova 3 Česká Republika Česká Rozvojová Agentura
29-04-2016 16-06-2016
BG-Sofia: Pharmaceutical products
flag bulgaria ул. „Пловдивско поле“ № 6 „Специализирана Болница за Активно Лечение по Онкология“ ЕАД
29-04-2016 25-05-2016

Our Approach

TenderScout’s Market Intelligence technology analyses public sector buying signals and matches qualified sales opportunities to you based on your probability of winning the contract.

We collate and analyze thousands of public sector leads daily from all over the world. We automatically qualify each specifically for you based on your how well it matches your capabilities and your interests.

Leads with the highest probability of closing are delivered to your CRM so that your marketing, sales, and customer success teams are armed with the knowledge they need to compete with confidence.

TenderScout Approach

Discover, Qualify, Enrich

tick Over 1,000 new leads and 750 contract award notices are added to our repository each day. Our algorithms sift through over 2,500,000 public tenders from all over the world to build pipelines of current and future opportunities.

sales leads

tick Each lead is qualified using predictive analytics to determine the probability that the buyer would award the contract to you or to an alternative supplier.

sales leads

tick Leads enriched with competitive intelligence such as who main competitors are, how the buying decision give Sales reps a comprehensive overview of the competitive landscape and informs their bid/no bid decision.

sales leads

What Others Are Saying About TenderScout

McDowell Purcell
"We use TenderScout for every stage of the tender process, with the result that we have won 90% of the tenders we have gone for. No doubt it’s given us a competitive edge"

JP McDowell, Partner

"We use TenderScout SaaS to scan and build European-wide sales pipelines. This has enabled us to diminish the threat from competitors and increase tender success"

Seamus McAuley, Business Development Executive

Irish Management Institute
"TenderScout are amazing! They have changed the way that we think about opportunities and now that we better understand our competitive landscape, we are creating advantages that are winning us business."

Julie Ryan, Head of Client Relations

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Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials